A Bloggers Promise

Dedicated to tales, not just the story, but the telling too. That is what this blog is for. Read on to peruse short stories and extracts from larger ones….see any you like? LIKE them! Ratings are good, like chocolate…

Some will be real-life, some total fantasy, others somewhere between the two. It’ll all be here eventually, as many tales as I can imagine, as many mad dreams as I can type up.

So sip your drink, get comfy and wander the many worlds I present 🙂 I hope they move you, scare you, fill you with love and carry you floating into wonderful dreamy worlds of wit, wisdom and whirling colours. My promise to you, dear reader, is this; nothing posted here will be normal, nothing here will be as you expect. This is my promise 🙂 enjoy!

P.S. Stories will be the start. There will be more in store….


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