Crime: The Bad, the Black-Collar and the Rebel

Britain has known crime a long time. Organized crime has been part of the fabric of the country since 1707, when the Acts of Union were passed.

Ancient dates aside its been going strong ever since. So, why? What makes a criminal? Going off the demographics it seems poverty, poor housing and low education are to blame, but is this really true, or is there more?

The answer is yes, because its no. There’s nothing, really, that separate’s a criminal act from a legal one, except its enshrinement in law.  Take for example the production of alcohol (legal, with correct licences) and growing marijuana (illegal in the UK.) Both drugs, the legal more destructive (according to the science) than the illegal.

Enter the two species of criminal, the black-collar businessmen and the bad boys. The businessman will do what he must to protect his business and further its interests…and seeing how that lies outside the law anyway, so will his methods of protection and growth.

A bad boy is usually in the employ of one of these people. Occasionally you have one who works alone, but what they seem to share is a craving for fame, a need to be noticed, so they cause trouble.

Of course any category where human minds are concerned is amorphous and prone to overlap, but the point here is this. The black-collar businessman is just like you, he may well be you, and you might well have been a true rebel, or a bady boy/girl as well at some point.

Those bad boys though, they’re a little different. They usually represent the lost, the struggling, who leap at the opportunities the underworld of crime offers them in a bid to get some notice, some of the attention a great number of them missed as children. The psychologically unstable criminals out there usually fit into this category.

The Rebel

This is the last and most dangerous of all criminals. The Rebel represents the application of logic to the justice system and, upon finding it flawed, rails against it and actively attempts to bring it down. Such people tend to gather the black-collar and the bad boys, organising their efforts, usually with social upheaval in mind.

Are we born to crime? In a word no. Is Crime thrust upon us? No. Is crime a logical, viable option for some? Of course.

We’ll debate the morality of certain crimes later, for now, please like and comment as you see fit. This is only the beginning…:)


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