On The Mind: Change

Everyone, everywhere that I speak to in Britain today, is crying out for change. For improvement. For something positive to happen to the country.

The society here however, is very tolerant and afraid of change. An awful lot of talk goes on, but everyone leaves it to someone else, as if somehow a leader will appear at the collective will of the people.

Interestingly that isn’t far from the truth. However, the people have to really want it, and want it with all their hearts. If people want change in the UK, then they need to band together, to unite. Within such a group a leader can be found, born, or made.

It doesn’t matter if its 10 or 10,000 people that start the ball rolling. If they believe in change, and really want to make a start, they can. We can. You can.


More is yet to come, follow for more On The Mind.


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