Suppressing the Psyche: Self Deceit

Self deception is abundant in Britain. It’s in the media, its in the hospitals, it’s even in the banking system. Usually self deceit arises when there are no positive outcomes in a situation, so people try to trick themselves into a positive frame of mind about the negative results.

The problem is, most people fail. Oh sure they manage it on the surface but we’ve all seen the situation, the false smile of an unwilling soul, people putting on a brave face, etc.

Why do people self-deceive? Fear. Lie to yourself about something your afraid of (or unhappy with) in the hope the fear/(unhappiness) will decrease. That is the goal the people I’ve observed appear to have in mind, so why do they fail? I think its fear, yet again.

Following my previous post, self-deception is a common trait in those who are depressed. They attempt to deceive themselves into believing things are ‘perfect’ or ‘great’ when they are only adequate, or worse, yet they feel cannot change the situation. This is not simply misunderstood speech (the person I have observed/talked to has made this clear to me) it is an actual belief.

Ultimately of course self deception is merely a symptom of extremely low-self esteem and a real lack of personal pride. What’s scary is that it is the hardest symptom of many psychological illnesses to treat.

A strange thing about positive reinforcement is that when depressed or mentally unwell people try to turn it on themselves, a cycle of self-pity, self-loathing, fear and fresh lies seems to develop, though we’ll talk more in that later.

I am but the eyes and hands to write this sort of thing down. I’m attempting to be as unbiased as possible, please correct me if I am.


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