Water (Sui)

cold cradle of life

sustainer, devastator

Water, land’s shaper.


Walk in the dark.

For camaraderie, green, for cash winter-cold
come said they, be brave be bold
do as we ask, do as your told
Live in deep, on edge before your old

doubting darkness my will assailed
‘gainst my fate greedy vices railed
blinding to troubles task entailed
for a time  in-sane council prevailed

lo! a light, bright and clear
light personified in her, my dear
doubts undone, repurposed fear
reminder to keep true friends near

with caution, care and wise advice
away I turned from friends of vice
from cunning trap from cruel device
from loaded bargain’s terrible price

I walked in the dark

I walked in the light

it took a true friend to show me the right.