Buying Reflections

From the present gazing outside
the torrent of the future flows fast, wide
and swift
to crush my hopes, or to lift
but just here, on the presents side
I will look over the rushing tide
to the tranquil quiet of past
to the things in life not meant to last
to so many characters endlessly recast
in a past
rich with memory-gilt days
a scattering of grief, oft a dark haze
Further back, deeper we go
back to old Ancestral blood flows
to battles, kings, tyrants and heroes

But this is recollection,
precursor to reflection
a selection
of thought,

evaluation by wise men is sought
reflection is with clear memory bought.


5 thoughts on “Buying Reflections

  1. Lala Rukh says:

    This is something beautifully written.

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  3. Claudsy says:

    Thank you for the pingback, Hanna. I enjoyed your poem. It says so much about who we are, our inner lives.

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