Where the Devil Lives

He’s not hiding in the bottle
nor under the stairs
not in the yob’s hateful, fearful glares

you wont find him in the sky, or the deepest pit
you wont find him in the sewers amongst all the shit

He’s not summoned by a board, like a wayward director
this ultimate cheat the grand-master defector
of every type
of sin or iniquity
can’t be pinned down to a time place or  city

there’s no beast to imprison, no battle to fight
no foe for battering and beating outright

No demon to conqueror, beat down and tame
no struggle to win, no glory or fame

For the devil’s house, is always the same
He never left, he never came
since birth he’s been there, that’s his claim
spawned when first you raged in pain
fed with each good deed disdained
watered with every action insane
glutted on our world’s suffering and pain.

He’s not in the bottle,
nor down the loo,
the Devil has always been inside you.


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