Do you swear to still be there?
when I’m old, frail, no longer fair.

Do you promise to still be sweet?
to kiss me swiftly, softly, discreet.

Can you vow to take my hand?
Against life’s storm we’ll stand,
we can, make our love glorious, grand,
for always it grows, quicker than planned.

Are you mad enough to wear these chains?
of commitment, of care, shared joys and pains
when struggles are acquired, when we lose all our gains
when our passion’s tired and we worry about stains.

A lot to ask, these various vows
any choice would require furrowed brows
a night out, a drink, time with the crowds
a walk in the woods, a look at the clouds.

unspoken maybe, said silently loud
these are a few unspoken vows.


3 thoughts on “Vows

  1. -H. says:

    I think this is my favorite of yours so far!

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