Confession to Earth.

Species-Mother, we owe you much
our food, our lives, our materials and such
revealed in glory, we relish your touch
our foolish kin your flesh and blood clutch.

Earth, I hear your strangled cries
as the corporates tear at your ancient hide
to you  sins of weakness I confide
I too fed the commercial lies.

You breath, your body, your blood of fire
all these things the foolish ones desire
the greed-made monster from its feast never tires
yet I fear for its body should we rouse your ire.

we are but fleas, lice on a beast
we are not the greatest any longer, but the least
oh we’ve built, invented, grown and increased
but respect for our mother has all but ceased.


2 thoughts on “Confession to Earth.

  1. Very nice poem:) i whole-heartedly agree, unfortunately. I am going to reblog this on my site. Thanks for sharing and keep on writing.

  2. Reblogged this on ecochanges4earth and commented:
    Here is a poem from the blogger Whispered Words:

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