Hood & Cowl, Burkha, Brimmed hat, Mask

Hood & cowl, burkha, brimmed hat, mask
dissimilarly purposed yet achieve the same task
for clarity, for conscience-clean most wearers ask

‘why, must I, surrender my secrecy?’
to conform, to comply to worldly masters completely.

Alas! Blast and damn, some are excused
some even excluded, services refused
fear on all sides of privacy abused
feeds ancient prejudice and skewed world views.

Garb is garb, a temporary cover
thrown aside by every kind of lover
some adorn, some warm, some are borne by others.

in this world of Allah, God and Vishnu
the Force, Satan, even Odin too
strive we must for the inclusive view.

give all or take all, grant or prohibit
infuriating favouritism, equality inhibits.

Hood & Cowl, Burkha, Brimmed hat & mask
to bring fairness and balance is the wise man’s task.




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