Blisters in the sky

Keeping the lights
against natural night
atomically contained, awesome might electrical
broken, drained, our machines its receptacle.

the spectacle bright, of atom’s might misused
annihilates, leaves generation’s genes confused
seas boil, sky’s burn
from such an error grave, we must learn

Natures knows, the air allows
beneath all loads nature bows
though by our craft, skies blister and burn
we’re graced with a little time to learn.

Inspired by this video.


The First Darkness

Do I dishonour it, that ancient night?
in my attempt to bring it to light
who could conceive thought of that absence of light
the was the first darkness, the lightless night.

It was first, shall be last, ever present behind
light that can illuminate, reveal, burn or blind
light born of nano-lights, atoms  a-blaze combined
universal trap, keeping Dark confined.

Known of in depths of space and the sea
darkness we guess at, yet cant truly see
perhaps the first Darkness, still wild and free
roaming the edges, of  fantasy.

Perhaps, like the light, the shadow supreme
hides still within, in pre and post dream
in those moments, does it not seem
that we emerge, or descend, into a dark seam?

be that the case, why then do we fear?
when the shadows return, when the light’s not near
when Dark’s walls surround us, black and sheer
the shade is our foe, bright light our dear
yet of which, should we, truly, feel fear?

in warm dark we begin, we lovers of light
in dark we sleep if we do it right
we physically love one another in the dark
shadowed sharpened touch-pictures, clear soft and stark
on the mind engrave indelible, shadowy mark.

Thus my tribute to the Dark closes here at last
the glorious cosmic backdrop, universal canvas vast
ancient Dark, local shadow, future, present and past
peaceful Dark eternal, you’ve a tribute poem at last.

Lament for Man

The High fall,
the Low rise
one and all, its no surprise
many go screaming to their demise.

for what lies beyond this endless wheel,
Something more? or something less real?
sometimes I look on, feel lost and damned
as lethargy, greed and avarice make plans
shortening the string, letting fall the sands
our time runs out in our own folly’s  hands.

the Highest, fallen
the Lowest, risen
Samara’s wheel in life, our prison.

We gild and gird greed in gold
we hide rot  ‘neath gown’s silken fold
conceal the crap, perfume the mold
the Nations? supplicants, slaves to be sold
their masters? Oil, gas and cruel weapons cold.

The Highest, fell,
the Lowest rose
thus my lament for Man I close.

A Break

Beloved fellow Bloggers,

I shall not be posting a great deal over the forth-coming weeks (even compared to my usual, sporadic pace) as I’m settling in to a new job. Please know the world of poetry moves apace, get out there, read more stuff, fresh lyrics shall adorn your screens again soon.

your friend & fellow blogger,


Facebook Three-Way (not what it sounds like :) )

(As soon as I have appropriate directions from the other participants I shall elaborate on their wonderful works extensively. Till then, know that they are delightful, creative and busy friends of mine, whom I treasure dearly.)
Ollie Thomas
Below is one of the strangest, funniest and most engaging facebook comment conversations I’ve had. This really is just abit of fun. Enjoy!
Ally Caulfield (Status)
Is it one for all or two for one?  We think were kind of free, but this more like 84…..
Bobby The-Wizard Fagan its all about 69! ❤
    • Ollie Thomas will we see, true liberty,
      or pseudo-slaves forevermore?
    • Ally Caulfield well be free when we’re alone….
    • Ollie Thomas free to be, not be a clone….
    • Ally Caulfield Are we making poetry :p ha
    • Bobby The-Wizard Fagan dont you know it G
    • Ollie Thomas I know I’m still at it, perhaps you are too?
      Ally, The Wizard and Ollie too 😀
    • Ally Caulfield I have to be childish Ollie and say that way poo,
      you make a similar mistake to b n q,
      you poetic licence failed you,
      when you rhymed too with too xD ❤
      Bobby The-Wizard Fagan i to,
      will rhyme too with too,
      to make this one lined poem two,
      i really have nothing else to do,
      now its four but what ya gon do…
      Ollie Thomas if you judge my words on rhyme alone
      you shall find many words I clone
      yet I condone
      your criticism fair
      for how else am I to gain true poetic flair! 😀
      • Ollie Thomas and beware my rhymes, true
        I repeat and dawdle, but you
        Ally dear, you’d cut me through,
        ’till Fagan threw me a line or two,
        don’t misconstrue
        I appreciate you,
        criticism just and true :DNow we’rew up to lines ten
        that rhyme with an ‘oo’, now then!

Ollie Thomas Ally n Bobby, may I take this convo and post as a blog post?? Tis a great example of poetry uniting people 🙂
Ollie Thomas all appropriate mentions on the post of course 🙂
  • Bobby The-Wizard Fagan you post my poem as a blog,
    as i am not a poem hog,
    poems are there,
    for you to share,
    where you share i do not care,
    poems true and poems right,
    poetry lets us UNITE!!

A Thank You to My Followers

A thank you to my followers,
Beautiful little bloggers
making of my nightly endeavours,
something I shall treasure forever.

Thanks alone in prose or couplet
simply would not ,suffice or cut it
thus a short three verse ditty
an attempt to be brief, pleasant and pretty. 😛

We’ve barely begun our journey friends,
so much to come before the year ends!
thus to you all my heart extends
a gratitude, joy and best wishes blend.

The River of Life.

Hot Chilli’s’ Snow,
returns me to young love’s warm glow
that first moment we truly know
love, seems for me, so long ago.

Riverside, by Sidney Samson
takes me to nights wild and wanton
drinking and raving, gloriously random
synaptically active my friend and I
Did party ‘neath the summer-night sky.

Bob Marley’s One Love bring me back sweet
to chilling in the back in a little car seat
parent’s young, tiny world complete
Journeying Jersey’s slim, sunny lanes
green, gold and blue through every window pane.

Lose Yourself, sung by Slim Shady
takes me to the days of ifs, buts and maybe’s
I lost myself as my life went crazy.

Coming Undone, Korn
reminds the mind of old ties torn
of a time when someone new was born,
an outer shell of worn lies shorn
truth’s armour from then, forevermore worn.

ReQuiem by W.A.Mozart
bids my bleeding heart to impart
a deep love known to a maiden fair
a woman pale, red of hair
her hands , so gentle, her wrath did scare
most away, yet I was there

At the last
all is past,
No more do I know
of what the river of life, holds in its flow.

My poetic answer to the daily prompt. Enjoy.