The First Darkness

Do I dishonour it, that ancient night?
in my attempt to bring it to light
who could conceive thought of that absence of light
the was the first darkness, the lightless night.

It was first, shall be last, ever present behind
light that can illuminate, reveal, burn or blind
light born of nano-lights, atoms  a-blaze combined
universal trap, keeping Dark confined.

Known of in depths of space and the sea
darkness we guess at, yet cant truly see
perhaps the first Darkness, still wild and free
roaming the edges, of  fantasy.

Perhaps, like the light, the shadow supreme
hides still within, in pre and post dream
in those moments, does it not seem
that we emerge, or descend, into a dark seam?

be that the case, why then do we fear?
when the shadows return, when the light’s not near
when Dark’s walls surround us, black and sheer
the shade is our foe, bright light our dear
yet of which, should we, truly, feel fear?

in warm dark we begin, we lovers of light
in dark we sleep if we do it right
we physically love one another in the dark
shadowed sharpened touch-pictures, clear soft and stark
on the mind engrave indelible, shadowy mark.

Thus my tribute to the Dark closes here at last
the glorious cosmic backdrop, universal canvas vast
ancient Dark, local shadow, future, present and past
peaceful Dark eternal, you’ve a tribute poem at last.


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