His night, Her need.

Shadows surround
and on the ground
a heart beats a sweet tempo

in the shadows it bounds
across  the grounds
she awaits the night’s crescendo

from the shadows he flies
lord of night skies
her taste an airborne spur
he reaches her
and leaches her
for them all things blur

young, ancient hands know no fear
her instincts plan a message clear
sweetly, swiftly, Dawn is near
lust rage and greed meet bloodily here

in the shadows touches see the shape
in the darkness ecstatic faces gape
gasping, growling, moaning, howling
terror to other’s whom the night are prowling.

Tattered and torn, spiritually spent
she leans on his body, feeds on his intent
his mark she bears, blood and seed
as night’s ranks recede
she dreams of the deed
of the next warm night he is to feed.


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