Political Point

Now my dear followers will be expecting poetry. Sadly this is not so. This is a call to arms, if it is anything other than angry words.

I am young, and in this country, one  feels doomed. Everywhere the enemy closes in. Britain is beset by enemies, but not ones we can meet on a battlefield and fight. Instead, our enemies are decadence, social division and a destructive financial attitude, one which I have been a willing victim of myself. This short piece will highlight three things I feel MUST change if we are to achieve true freedom and the chance to stand tall again as a nation.

1st. Governmental overhaul

David Cameron is a laughing stock. Across the world and here in Britain, David has utterly lost the respect of the British people. Scotland is quite rightly likely to vote for independence and who can blame them? Under their current leadership they’ve seen the poorest suffer, the richest made richer and everyone else take a huge hit to quality of life. Mr Cameron is a fool, a fraud and  a liar, things which any amount of quotes could prove, just look at his years in power. Like so many politicians, he promised big then once he had power failed to deliver. But he’s not entirely at fault, he is part of a political system that CREATES these politicians, through a dubious voting system and politics that is little more than three gangs shouting at each other in a room, then passing laws that line their pockets and keep their core constituents happy.

But I’m not here to be-labour the point on the problems Britain faces (we all know that.) Here’s how I think we could really change things for the better. 1. Introduce a vote of no confidence.
2. Make voting mandatory for all those over 18 (then ‘proportional representation’ would actually be PROPORTIONATE)
3. Reduce MPs pay by half. becoming a political representative shouldn’t be an attractive career option. It should be for people who genuinely care about their neighbours, their society and ultimately, their country. One cares for a society by giving it goals, giving it reasons to exist and to flourish. Our politicians do not do this. They care only about their party, about power and money.

This has gone on longer than expected, so I’ll leave it there. More will follow friends, please consider these words and what the future holds for England. Cameron will not listen to dissenters. He will not listen to preachers of rebellion. But we must preach rebellion, we must rise up and fight, for in the simplest terms his way is wrong! We know that much is right!


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