Abandoned by Darkness

Power and pain
flower’s stain
touches her inner self insane

nights and nights she waited, grey
grieved and shunning the day
as she waited for his lordship to play

within the darkling child sleeps
without the darkened mother creeps
shivers bewildered, shakes and weeps

there! grand, gross amid the grime
one she’d thought hers, sublime
powerful still, strong, in his prime
yet it is not her against him this time

a soul’s scream is bodily pain
for one who’s lost love it becomes plain
what is this life, but loss and gain?
she’ll never come for him again.

Homeward bound she stumbles
between fear and fury door’s key she fumbles
failing, falling upon the step
knowing loathing then, for her womb’s secret kept
from the dark
someone crept
another! How long had he slept?
‘neath her window when she wept?
he was hungry, he could take her,
she was not strong, this late riser
could be her end, her un-maker.

A stare, a hiss
prostrated bared it comes to this
she awaits, oblivion’s kiss

denied! into the night
flees this one from the coming light
on her step, she sobs with fright
darkness made her and  broke her tonight.


His Night, Her Need


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