Lament for Man

The High fall,
the Low rise
one and all thus its no surprise
many go screaming, to their demise.

for what lies beyond this endless wheel,
Something more, or something less real?
sometimes I look on, feel lost and damned
as lethargy, greed and avarice make plans
shortening the string, letting fall the sands
our time runs out in our own folly’s hands.

the Highest, fallen
the Lowest arisen
Samara’s wheel in life, our prison.

We gild, we gird greed in gold
hide rot ‘neath gown’s silken fold
conceal the crap, perfume the mold
the Nations? supplicants, slaves to be sold
their masters? Oil, gas, cruel weapons cold.

The Highest, fell,
the Lowest rose
thus my lament for Man I close.


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