‘good poems weird the truth’
and play with all that’s absolute
redefining the resolute
finding its all dissolute
as poet’s learn to convolute
language’s many attributes.

on the words the mind dances
inky stuff inducing trances
pixellated pakcages gobbled up greedily, whole
on life’s knowledge quest many now bet their soul
yet are we, truth-seekers, in control?

Nay, nay, we do as we’re told
our words wending into social folds
minds confined to a social mold
of gold, gorgeous and great, literarily lush
want to know a good poem, listen here, hush…

‘…good poems weird the truth’
true as vibrant youth
truth thrust from thriving heart
know you now the poet’s art?

http://www.poetryfoundation.org/article/247926 accessed 21/06/2014 for the single quote in this poem. Full credit to the author Camille T. Dungy.

The Poet’s Art


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