Boko Haram, Slam

Boko, Haram.
come on ,now man
before you plan to banish western wisdom away
consider your methods, Allah they’d dismay
as with guns
you ravage and slay
who is going to follow, your bloody way?

Truth is your cowards,
men that run
from freedom and free thought,
from study and fun
from science’s sun, from reason’s light,
look! you can still see your bloodied souls in flight.

You are about to become a footnote in history
in that at least there’s very little mystery
consider your cause, unjust and sick
the world has already had enough of your tricks
now, Shekau, your clock ticks
what will  you do, hide among the sticks?

Allahu Akhbar, God is indeed great
I pity you, Abu, none shall envy your fate
‘Qur’an 4:19 O you who believe! it is not lawful… that you should take women…. against (their) will’
beware the long length of your abducting butcher’s bill
for with every soul in His name you shame or kill
you add to the anger, to the people’s Holy will.

Abubakar Shakau, your time will come
for Boko Haram, are blood blinded scum.


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