The Alley and The Road

Sunder the self
shatter the pride-mind
mis-leading you down life’s alley blind
signed, fatal to health
focus and thought
these you sell for sense-pleasures bought
in every shadow in the alley of life
down that way, one day, lies a gun or a knife.

Undo your illusions
like bacterial protrusions
unwelcome spots, vile self-intrustions
painful, putrid awkward and foul
sorely needs curing to clear the brain-cloud
though aye, in the deed, ye might howl
through it all just grit teeth and growl
there’s an end, a way free,
don’t pretend, simply be
do not invest, in what is just
idle mindless worthless life-dust

Then, I trust
surely true
shall find yourself on the road for you
follow my point, dont misconstrue,
simply, utterly always be you.


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