Walk With Me

Walk with me, through fearful desire
walk with me, face folly’s fire
walk with me, ‘neath Vice’s ire
walk with me, talk with me, take my hand
show me a way out, of this quicksand.

I must tear free of delightful sin
I must tear free the darkness within
I must tear free from this cage I’m in
Help me, tear with me, lets expose this thing
from it all poisonous power we’ll wring.

I must release, my needs for the beast
I must release, for life not the least
for loving, for living it up, for riding real highs
for all the others and myself I must survive.




One thought on “Walk With Me

  1. redgladiola says:

    This reads like an anthem and a great mantra to keep striving forward. Thanks for sharing. =)

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