Wordy Wanderings: Cerebral wind

Unleash the cerebral wind
slay me
save me
let the shadows in my head rescind
their words
blackly absurd
suggestions of falls, a false salvation, heard.

Forgive me, for these emotive rhymes
when the shadows fall something in my heart chimes,
with its own designs
within my mind it finds
the internal voice that is the child that whines
“Mummy, mummy, hold me, please!”
“mummy, mummy, let me live at ease!”

I cannot begin to turn my words yet to joy,
heart hand and whole being in these words I deploy
  as lines come
rather rapidly
statically retarded, grammatically clattering
as i subject heart and mind to a rummage, a battering
in my vision they bounce
yet still, misery i denounce
for the one thing
to which I cling
is Light will, always, my darkness trounce.


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