They’re there, behind you, can’t you tell?

They’re there, there’ll find you, bind you well.
In maddening chains of fear, fell
your hopes and loves they’ll stifle and quell.

They’re there, before you, upon you now.
They’re there, beyond any zeal or vow.
naturally, needfully, you look for why and how
gibbering and choking to them does sanity bow.

They’re there, incorporeal, non physical fears
They’re there, their proximity, the weight of years
till from within thou shirvelled mind peers
at a world gone blurred with age-rot and tears.

They’re there, waiting, it’s soon time to go
they’re here, at last, the curtains falls
as the horrors wheel, cavort in mental halls
the last shred of sanity knows only their piping calls


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