Outcry (For Super-heroes)

Let there be a reckoning
biblical chaos is beckoning
moment by moment the seconds bring
closer, closer our death-knell ring.

Sing slow, my friends, lament the loss
 of the shine of life, its glorious gloss
we enter an age where the blind lead the lost
a dangerous threshold our leaders have crossed.

Tearing the land, with corrupting potions
with the heaviest hand, smiting life in the ocean
fear, friends, fear, their political notions!
the time is now, for terrible emotions.

Silent acquiesience wil break us down
mindless obedience of us, makes clowns
will we, believers, in false freedoms drown?
shall we, heedless, simply tut, and frown?

It’s not our world that’s broken, nor we, the race
sadly, as ever, its the few who disgrace
the whole
wasting our role,
as pillagers and thieves
for temporary wealth that binds and decieves.

Heed me! Hear me! Listen close ya’ll
we’re settin’ up now for a mighty big fall
our back’s up now, against Doom’s wall
it’s up to us now, to do, or not at all.

People, sweet people, you all know, right
its in the warm soul place, next to love, and light.

simply heed the world, stop the pillaging and pain
tend the soil, from waste refrain
stop our desperate rush insane
for things which death  renders inane
can’t you all see,
isn’t the answer plain?
I’ll explain, further
we can be super-heroes, protectors of Terra Firma.


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