isn’t in the trees, nor the death blind beast
not the wildest wind
nor the tamest dog
has meaning beyond themselves.

Meaning is not purpose, courage or fate
nor is it life itself, nor death,
the why’s and how’s of living
provide it not, nor gain it by being, you cannot find it by listening, touching, or seeing.

To seek it is to see it, to want it is to find
see it now? many still blind, seek
meaning they try to wrap and bind, in words
in numbers, charts and dials ticking by, measuring their measures
little meanings man-made, hoarded up like treasures.

You won’t find the deer, nor the rabbit searching, for meaning to its life
with activities for thriving theirs lives are rife
learn from their example, then,  regarding meaning true
the only meanings that should matter, are the ones thought up by you.


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