Give all the bears a gun.

Give all the bears a gun, still they wouldn’t shoot
‘why shoot those little things, with their glass-eyes and boots?’ they’d say
theirs is the true hunt, for food THEN for fun,
understand, the big game grand
aren’t a game, they’re lives lived out
then taken by brutes with .204 lumps
of metal
that settle
in the body or brain, or sometimes in the dusty earth,
once they’ve caused the pain
Yes, intended
by the shooters and their friends who
believe in bollocks
like a right to kill
a right to take life because they’ve got the weapons too.

Now this verse isnt subtle, nor is it meant to be.
It’s meant to be a warning, to the hunter wannabes
guns and gear dont make you , your still cowardly butchers
slaughtering beauty in outdoor abbatoirs
you are brutes, eco-enemys, acclerating-
the extinction clock
may death find you  quickly
as it does the animals you slay
I hope the pain you cause is returned to you, one day.