A Celebration of Sir Lee

A voice
a face,
a talent,
from Hammer’s coffin
to New Line’s second Tower
on the screen, as a man, or a voice
he had power.
power grand,  power deep, power darkly unique
rings in a voice
that shall never know sleep
on uncounted screens, in uncounted dreams
speaks this knightly man,
whose many songs and many films on all art’s tiers stand.

Courageous and courteous
commanding and kind
Lee knew true suffering
and the value of life
as an Officer, a gentleman, as an actor, a leader
audiences needed him everywhere to lead them-
via mock darkness and horror, villainy and terror
to something higher something lighter something warmer, something brighter.

Farewell Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee,
actor supreme
your impact was massive
you’re in a thousand dreams,
ars longa, vita brevis
your art was your life
vale magnum, Sir Lee,
grand actor Knight.

latin translations: ars longa, vita brevis =art endures, life is short. Vale magnum= farewell, great one.


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