Don’t Pay Your Servants

That is what they are, right? Politicians in a democracy, I mean. They are supposed to be the servants of the general public. Well, largely, I have seen them serve themselves. In my short lifetime I’ve seen Blair, Cameron and now May make a brilliant effort of running Britain in economic and social terms towards a conflagration of ancient Athens proportions.

But what is the fuel for this metaphorical fire? One of the fuels, is their money.

According to old data from, politicians get paid somewhere around seventy-five thousand pounds a year. I wrote that out long hand because its a long damn number. 75k, for doing, what precisely? Oh and that’s entirely seperate from paying their staff, or any of the other long list of things for which they can effectively steal money straight from the taxpayer. IPSA, the body apparently responsible for monitoring MP expenses, has not worked. But, at least the media is able to catch hold of stories like this one.

Let me suggest an alternative, then. Don’t pay them. Whisk that extravagant 75k a year away and replace it with the same expenses form they have to use to pay their staff. Let them explain their purchases to the people. Personal privacy in this country is damned anyway, the final nail in its coffin being the Investigatory Powers Act (go look, it lets them keep your internet history, with no other reason than they want to) so lets make sure the damnation is evenly split. Let’s make sure May and friends are accountable to us. Take away their private money. Servants of the public have no  right to privacy, if their public don’t either.

Crack open parliament. I’m certain we’ll see the roaches scatter.




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