A message to the Good People of England

Good day to you all. We are on the verge of something momentous. May, has called an election, and it is time to be heard.

This is no joke, nor is it just high-falutin rhetoric. The time really, really is now. We stand on the cusp of a golden opportunity: a chance to reverse the destructive ravages of Brexit, to make England the nation it aught to be.

For a brief time, before power went to his head, life under Blair was really rather good, for many. Life under May, has been hell. The disadvantaged are squeezed and crushed almost out of existence, and the national narrative blurted by the BBC is inward-thinking and egotistical. Even the moderately wealthy, those who own property, are squeezed tighter and tighter. Only the ruling classes, in Britain, do well.

Now don’t mistake me, I’m not saying we should think of everyone else when we vote on the 8th of June. Far from it. I’m saying we should think about the people actually, physically here, in England.

Which is why the younger voters, are crucial. We let ourselves down in the referendum: the youthful English voice chose the stiff upper lip of its elders. Nonsense. Silence in the face of oppression is not British, it is not brave, it is conformity and cowardice.

So when you see, in the coming months, the promises of the Tories, remember, these are people whose hands are truly soaked in blood: the blood of children, the homeless, the elderly and the poor. Aye, some of you, like me, will have little respect for ‘the poor’ because many of them put themselves in their situation (through drink, drugs, so forth.) So forget about them and think about the hardworking.

To our elders who voted Leave, I say this. Did you imagine we would be faced with a sixty billion pound bill for leaving the EU? Did you really want to put that on the shoulders of your children, and grandchildren? I know you are not so callous.

Of course you didn’t, for you are good people. You chose what you thought would grant us the economic freedoms to adapt and evolve but which, on balance, will see us restricted, isolated, and cast out.

So on the 8th of June, don’t vote Conservative. Don’t keep things the same. Don’t let the downhill slide continue. Let’s turn it around. Britain deserve to bloom, and May’s dead government shall be the compost.