I shall begin at the start, and give you the whole lot, to do with as you see fit.

Born in Jersey in 1991 I’m from the generation old enough to remember DVDs being brand new, DVD players being expensive rarities and so called top-end computers possessing only megabytes of ram. Not all that long ago, I’m sure you’ll agree, but what adventures I have had in between!

One very strange early memory I have is of the feel of smooth, studded metal and the effect of an elevator on the stomach, followed by the deafening, rhythmic thump and whir of multiple washing machines in a confined space. Also known as the washing run in a block of flats. A few key faces are the other chief impressions from that time, faces that, over time, developed clear attachments and names. Mum. Dad. Wayne, a scouse  friend of the family, arrived in Jersey recently.



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