Outcry (For Super-heroes)

Let there be a reckoning
biblical chaos is beckoning
moment by moment the seconds bring
closer, closer our death-knell ring.

Sing slow, my friends, lament the loss
 of the shine of life, its glorious gloss
we enter an age where the blind lead the lost
a dangerous threshold our leaders have crossed.

Tearing the land, with corrupting potions
with the heaviest hand, smiting life in the ocean
fear, friends, fear, their political notions!
the time is now, for terrible emotions.

Silent acquiesience wil break us down
mindless obedience of us, makes clowns
will we, believers, in false freedoms drown?
shall we, heedless, simply tut, and frown?

It’s not our world that’s broken, nor we, the race
sadly, as ever, its the few who disgrace
the whole
wasting our role,
as pillagers and thieves
for temporary wealth that binds and decieves.

Heed me! Hear me! Listen close ya’ll
we’re settin’ up now for a mighty big fall
our back’s up now, against Doom’s wall
it’s up to us now, to do, or not at all.

People, sweet people, you all know, right
its in the warm soul place, next to love, and light.

simply heed the world, stop the pillaging and pain
tend the soil, from waste refrain
stop our desperate rush insane
for things which death  renders inane
can’t you all see,
isn’t the answer plain?
I’ll explain, further
we can be super-heroes, protectors of Terra Firma.


Lament for Man

The High fall,
the Low rise
one and all, its no surprise
many go screaming to their demise.

for what lies beyond this endless wheel,
Something more? or something less real?
sometimes I look on, feel lost and damned
as lethargy, greed and avarice make plans
shortening the string, letting fall the sands
our time runs out in our own folly’s  hands.

the Highest, fallen
the Lowest, risen
Samara’s wheel in life, our prison.

We gild and gird greed in gold
we hide rot  ‘neath gown’s silken fold
conceal the crap, perfume the mold
the Nations? supplicants, slaves to be sold
their masters? Oil, gas and cruel weapons cold.

The Highest, fell,
the Lowest rose
thus my lament for Man I close.

Confession to Earth.

Species-Mother, we owe you much
our food, our lives, our materials and such
revealed in glory, we relish your touch
our foolish kin your flesh and blood clutch.

Earth, I hear your strangled cries
as the corporates tear at your ancient hide
to you  sins of weakness I confide
I too fed the commercial lies.

You breath, your body, your blood of fire
all these things the foolish ones desire
the greed-made monster from its feast never tires
yet I fear for its body should we rouse your ire.

we are but fleas, lice on a beast
we are not the greatest any longer, but the least
oh we’ve built, invented, grown and increased
but respect for our mother has all but ceased.

The Fracking Fools!

British people continue to toil against the tide of political despondency in the flooded South. Heart-warming scenes of volunteers (good, honest people all) stepping up to help, off-set the stomach-churning sickness felt at the sight of our despised Prime Minister and associated cronies visiting these regions (in suits) pledging aid and calling for the people, their own people, to stand together.

Mr Cameron, have you eyes with which to see? People unite well enough unless they get into politics, or more precisely British politics. The only disunity is amongst the politicians you are supposedly good at swaying…oh, wait, no that’s wrong too, because you cheated your way to power didn’t you. The British people would have nothing to do with you or your government, but you lot control the resources they need to shore up their homes and protect the lives of their families. You know this, so you will ignore my words at first.

Disastrous and deplorable as the floods and our government’s response has been, a greater threat looms. David Cameron has given the go ahead for numerous fracking test sights to be drilled. They are being drilled now. I will not sit silent, will you?


Please, please watch this video. Watch other videos, read articles, learn the fear that plagues me as I read and write this article. Our world is about to die and we are going to kill it. Some of us with actions. Others, with silence.

Go to the websites of those companies practicing fracking and what you find are references to ‘cost
competitiveness…reducing Co2…’ the need for ‘natural gas in the energy portfolio’ (Rune Bjornson). I beg you, informed reader, look beyond your heating and cooking. Look to the future of your children, and their children. I am 22. I will likely see the slow moving pollutants emerge from these fracking sites, they will contaminate the water and my children (should I be graced with any) will suffer and die because of this.

The fracking fools are ready, willing and able to doom us and our children to a life where the land and water will be lethal, in the name of profit. Yes, make no mistake, this is a blood debt, a debt they will hardly pay themselves. A debt that, like the other debts these governments have accrued, the common man will shoulder.

In the name of FREEDOM. In the name of LIFE. Stand up, speak out. Fight.