On the Art of Poi: Emotional Motion

Poi, I believe, are a very clear expression of the way someone thinks and feels, in the same way as someone’s favourite sport, dance or tattoo does. What makes poi unique and frankly, ace, is the way that the poi dance can change from moment to moment, constantly flowing from one move to the next, for if poi are done properly, I believe every motion should be essentially circular , always returning to the same position it started eventually.

Therefore, with over 11 years experience on poi, I say to any aspiring poi spinner; feel the moves! Don’t just think them, that’s the easy part. It’s when you can feel thewordpress fire picture 2m, when conscious thought is not required, that you are truly approaching something like skill (it has taken me all of my 11 years to reach this conclusion) therefore, in the spirit of friendship, I share this interesting revelation.

This is my contribution to the growing knowledge base on poi. If anyone is interested, please check out the following websites www.firetoys.com and www.homeofpoi.com.

Alternatively, if you are an aspiring spinner and want help with a tricky move, comment, I know most of them and will be happy to help if I can with a video tutorial or advice.

(credit to the photographer, Hanna Ruth Vibert)


A view on Death

Death. It is the universal fear that resides in the heart of almost every man, woman and child. We fear pain and we fear death.  Of course there are myriad ways to deny the fear of death. Some people choose to be oblivious and never think of it, others find a faith and a promise of an afterlife. Yet others view it as a deadline, and so get as much done in their lives as possible.  Either way we find a coping mechanism, a means to face the possibility that we, as beings, may well cease to exist.

This article will try to illuminate a different path, an alternative view. This view has been arrived at through a rather strange and unique (to my knowledge) combination of influences in my life, which, if requested, I will happily divulge in further posts:).

What is Dying?

A seriously misunderstood process, I believe:). This stems from negative views regarding the process of decay. Dying is the ending of chemical, biological life. However, the body does not stop changing, as it did when it lived. Instead, the matter of it, the stored energy, is broken down by time, other living things and forces.

I wish to make a point before I continue. Grieving is completely natural and totally allowed!:)  I am simply expressing a view of death I have found to provide me with a certain amount of peace, knowing it is based (partly) on facts and partly on a very spiritual view of the world.

To resume, assuming that E=mc2 and that all matter is stored energy, then the process of decay could be described as the redistribution of energy. Therefore, that energy is returning to the world in one form or another.

A great number of religious texts, wiccan writings and so forth refer to power, or energy of their respective deities, channelled through people in most cases. This suggests one universal concept; that the power of spirit is a form of energy.

Concordantly can we assume that the energy of a person and their soul are one? If that is so, then that energy must go somewhere as well, assuming that the laws governing energy still apply.

To round this segment off, we’ll talk about ghosts and spiritual influence. Perhaps it is possible for the energy of a person to remain in a form of coherence outside the physical. If so, that would still fit the fundamental principle of my supposition that the spirit is a form of energy.

In summary, dying is the redistribution of energy.

Ok…what does all this mean?

It means that the people we love are always with us! It means that even if the person is no longer in a single, coherent form, the energy that made that person is not dead, simply their body is. Where their spiritual energy goes who can say? Perhaps it stays, perhaps it is paradise to be in this form, which would explain heaven and so forth. Perhaps humans are unique in that our thoughts in this life (another form of energy, perhaps even the same one) can direct our energy, our soul once we have passed, perhaps we are not. My point is that this means, literally, that our loved ones haven’t actually ceased to exist. The energy they used and stored will be redistributed. I believe a quote from James Cameron’s Avatar film sums this up best.

“…All energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back..”