On the Art of Poi: Emotional Motion

Poi, I believe, are a very clear expression of the way someone thinks and feels, in the same way as someone’s favourite sport, dance or tattoo does. What makes poi unique and frankly, ace, is the way that the poi dance can change from moment to moment, constantly flowing from one move to the next, for if poi are done properly, I believe every motion should be essentially circular , always returning to the same position it started eventually.

Therefore, with over 11 years experience on poi, I say to any aspiring poi spinner; feel the moves! Don’t just think them, that’s the easy part. It’s when you can feel thewordpress fire picture 2m, when conscious thought is not required, that you are truly approaching something like skill (it has taken me all of my 11 years to reach this conclusion) therefore, in the spirit of friendship, I share this interesting revelation.

This is my contribution to the growing knowledge base on poi. If anyone is interested, please check out the following websites www.firetoys.com and www.homeofpoi.com.

Alternatively, if you are an aspiring spinner and want help with a tricky move, comment, I know most of them and will be happy to help if I can with a video tutorial or advice.

(credit to the photographer, Hanna Ruth Vibert)