St Helens News- Staff Spring to Defence of Store

A startling, heart-warming example of loyalty and teamwork flared bright in Morrisons on Boundary Road, in St Helens, Merseyside. On June 6th, 2014, a rather garrulous, unpleasant and unsavoury character was causing a row with one of the store’s security guards, who’d clearly caught him out stealing. Now, normally this would be nothing to report, but as the thief and guard reached the doors, the thief made a break for it, throwing the guard and attempting to escape through the car park.

a powerful female voice bellowed “Staff!” Instantly the entirety of the store’s young, fit males deployed as if on a military manouvere, moving in groups to apprehend the thief. As a bystander in this event, I was in awe, deeply impressed and inspired by the staff in this shop when, flanked by exultant store assistants and led by the manager, the captured thief was paraded past every single checkout. Whether calculated or not, this walk of shame serves as a stern and powerful reminder that the staff in Morrisons are proud, prepared to defend their shop and pretty damn fast!

Throughout, decorum and the normal shopping routine had been maintained by other staff members, who joined the public in scrutinising the face of the thief, whose is known in St Helens as Lee Halsall.

In summary an unpleasant and unfortunate incident was brought to an end with the decisive, efficient action of the Boundary Road Morrisons staff.


Facebook Three-Way (not what it sounds like :) )

(As soon as I have appropriate directions from the other participants I shall elaborate on their wonderful works extensively. Till then, know that they are delightful, creative and busy friends of mine, whom I treasure dearly.)
Ollie Thomas
Below is one of the strangest, funniest and most engaging facebook comment conversations I’ve had. This really is just abit of fun. Enjoy!
Ally Caulfield (Status)
Is it one for all or two for one?  We think were kind of free, but this more like 84…..
Bobby The-Wizard Fagan its all about 69! ❤
    • Ollie Thomas will we see, true liberty,
      or pseudo-slaves forevermore?
    • Ally Caulfield well be free when we’re alone….
    • Ollie Thomas free to be, not be a clone….
    • Ally Caulfield Are we making poetry :p ha
    • Bobby The-Wizard Fagan dont you know it G
    • Ollie Thomas I know I’m still at it, perhaps you are too?
      Ally, The Wizard and Ollie too 😀
    • Ally Caulfield I have to be childish Ollie and say that way poo,
      you make a similar mistake to b n q,
      you poetic licence failed you,
      when you rhymed too with too xD ❤
      Bobby The-Wizard Fagan i to,
      will rhyme too with too,
      to make this one lined poem two,
      i really have nothing else to do,
      now its four but what ya gon do…
      Ollie Thomas if you judge my words on rhyme alone
      you shall find many words I clone
      yet I condone
      your criticism fair
      for how else am I to gain true poetic flair! 😀
      • Ollie Thomas and beware my rhymes, true
        I repeat and dawdle, but you
        Ally dear, you’d cut me through,
        ’till Fagan threw me a line or two,
        don’t misconstrue
        I appreciate you,
        criticism just and true :DNow we’rew up to lines ten
        that rhyme with an ‘oo’, now then!

Ollie Thomas Ally n Bobby, may I take this convo and post as a blog post?? Tis a great example of poetry uniting people 🙂
Ollie Thomas all appropriate mentions on the post of course 🙂
  • Bobby The-Wizard Fagan you post my poem as a blog,
    as i am not a poem hog,
    poems are there,
    for you to share,
    where you share i do not care,
    poems true and poems right,
    poetry lets us UNITE!!