Lifescape (or an elemental metaphor for life)

Reasoning is liquid, ever changing and shapeless defining the self in society.
Drive is gaseous, the wind overrider of intellectual tides, or a guide
Social life is a landscape, full of valleys and hills, gorges and mountains and
Passion, which can scatter intellect wide, along with Drive,
Passion burns eternal beneath the landscape of life.

You are the wind and the water. Blow hard enough and your mind is guided,
drive is Will, and if the Will-wind is steady
your reasoning will ripple into eddies-wavelets-waves
tsunami’s of the brain that will reshape your Lifescape
your way.


Teetering on the tall Pedestal

White pride
racial pride
sexual pride
lay it aside-
what is worth celebration
lest you fall
from your tall, pedestal, of-
why should you ride on the shoulders of those
who spoke out, who changed things
who took the blows delivered by societies dictates
why should anyone be proud of a natural state?
achievement alone is worthy of pride
personal achievment, first hand not third, man-
woman or child, black white or otherwise
straight gay or whatever, if  you win the to fight to survive
or to be recognised
then know pride, otherwise
reconsider your position
consider, for a moment, is your pride
your right?

Nazi Scum

In darkness, in black the come
to the brightest city in Britain (dumb)
some white men with friends few and far between
who would have been paste had the state not intervened
their very existence other’s rights contravene
can anyone tell me what might have been
had Liverpool left them to walk free?

You’ll never walk alone, especially if you’re them
the Nazi scum crammed into scummy places, penned
poor letters and social media lies
look, its Liverpool, the city is alive!
walk alone? Ha! the city didn’t trust you to the jakes
you Nazi Scumbags, cowardly snakes
your members are weak, your numbers few
because freedom is beautiful to many and you,
will be evolved out of Man and out of Liverpool too.



Sex. Incest,
financial discussions
the recently Dead
mental health,
or asking about:
prison life, from an ex-prisoners lips
war from the warriors
business, from the bosses
drugs, from the junkies.
Or the facts that:
cosmetics kill animals
mobile phones destroy the earth
facebook owns people’s time
some poetry rhymes
most stories are written simply for a good time,
academics invent words to hide their simplicity
there’s something inherently wrong with man’s big cities.

Every one of these subjects is taboo, not talked about,
because no one wants to admit out loud
their mistakes,
no one takes, the longer view-
and sees,
that our biggest mistake is not talking about war or what we did on the loo
our biggest mistake, is, frankly, Taboo.